New customer service standards These standards describe what your experience with B3Living should be like and the level of service we will provide. We asked for feedback and a group of customers ranked what was most important to them. We’ve measured our performance against these standards over the page. Building links in the community Over the last year, we have had a Community Development Manager – her name is Helen. She’s built links with local groups and charities such as the Foodbank, Emmaus, CHEXS and more. When customers are struggling, we use these links to help them get support.
We used to have three stages in our formal complaints process but had some feedback 
that it took too long to get a resolution. So now this process has two stages:
After the informal stage - Where we try to resolve the complaint (in 5 working days)
- We do a full investigation (in 10 working days) - A senior manager reviews what happened and decides whether to look into this further (in 5 working days) Formal Stage 1 Formal Stage 2
Launched a new strategy for managing properties Our new strategy says we will focus on safety, maintaining things before they break and improving our homes. We will be investing significantly in major works on our properties and are looking for a contractor to work with in a long-term partnership. We’re also looking at eco-friendly initiatives - e.g. hybrid vans, cycling facilities, or making homes more energy efficient. Changed our ethos We now have a new code that sets out how we should act. These will shape the way we deliver our services to you. We will aim to always: • Be honest • Actively listen • Take ownership • Deliver a personalised and inclusive service • Look for better ways to do things.